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November 3, 2010 / neiljohnson12

Split PDF file seamlessly with PDF splitter tool

Portable Document Format (PDF) files are considered quite important and therefore every user of PDF files be it a publisher, organization, student or teacher everyone uses these files for data storage. PDF files make data sharing easy over the network as well as over Internet.  

With the technological advancement in the field of electronic media, e-books, e-reports, e-forms, e-brochures, e-graphs, e-catalogs and other documents created as PDF files are gaining popularity. Owing to their compact size, appearance, formatting and security, these PDF files are used exhaustively across the globe.

Although, PDF files offer numerous benefits, you might just need to deal with certain issues while you transfer PDF files having large size. Your email communication might get choked up while sending a large PDF file and similar issues. In addition to this, here are certain drawbacks of large sized PDF files:

  • Sharing large sized PDF files over network or email requires you to have significant amount of time.

  • In case of large PDF files, you will not be able to email it as attachment

  • Chances are that your PDF file might get damaged due to large size

  • If internet goes down, while you were downloading or uploading PDF file over internet, then the file might get damaged 

However, managing any file or database is important. In order to avoid any issues that occur due to large or small size of PDF files, you must split PDF into smaller PDF files. Sharing small-sized PDF files over Internet or local network is secure and error-free, as it takes less time in uploading and downloading. You can split PDF files into various individual PDF files using Kernel for PDF Split and Merge.

Kernel for PDF Split and Merge gives you varied options to break large PDF files into smaller PDF chunks. Owing to the powerful algorithm of this PDF splitter, you have the following options to split PDF files- Split by page, split by page range, split by size, split by even pages and split by odd pages. Select the option as per your requirement and split PDF into smaller PDF files for easy manageability. 


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