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December 19, 2012 / neiljohnson12

How to convert Novel GroupWise into Apple Email (MBOX) in an easy manner

Running an organization without an email client is excessively dangerous these days. There are endless tasks that cannot be completed in an email client’s absence. To establish a good communication over business or internal matters, having a reliable email client is very important. There are various email clients available in the market and depending on individual choice and need, he can purchase on for his organization. Novell GroupWise is one of the popular client after MS Outlook.


There are instances when user has to open cross platform emails immediately. For example, I had been given a task of dealing with foreign client in my company. He uses MAC machine, hence the email client used by him was Apple’s MBOX Email. He sent me some crucial information via emails and I failed miserably to access them. I had to ask him to convert everything and send in a common email client but it proved very troublesome.

Hence, I started looking for solutions to avoid such mishaps in the future. I tried to setup a local IMAP Server and copy entire GroupWise email via its IMAP interface. After the complete copying, I put these emails in local IMAP Server. It did solve the issue but took a lot of hit and trial. Moreover, It was difficult to complete the process on my own. I found a technical executive to perform this task.

After some time of research, I found third party software for entire conversion. Easy to use, proficient and effective software performs complete Novell GroupWise to MBOX conversion instantly! It offers an efficient solution for all the users who want to move GroupWise mailbox email messages into Apple Mail application format. By using it, you can easily convert a single mailbox at a time or unlimited number of mailboxes concurrently. There are various modes set in the tool that help you perform email migration according to your need. The default mode is applied to the currently opened mailbox in GroupWise for conversion into MBOX. Another mode of Single Mailbox Migration is Login mode, which has three sub-modes (online, caching and remote mode) to perform this migration.

In Online Mode, you need to specify User Id, Password, IP Address and Port number information for migration while in Caching Mode you are required to specify the User Id, Password and caching mailbox path of particular mailbox for migration. Lastly, in Remote Mode you have to specify remote mailbox path where the mailbox copy is saved and provide password (if any) to connect and migrate.

In addition, Command Line Mode assists you to migrate mailbox without opening or accessing GroupWise.exe. You just need to type the path in Command Line mode and access that account for migration. Multiple mailbox migration is the second email migration mode that can be performed by creating NUCON batch file having account details of GroupWise mailboxes. The NUCON file can be created onboard with the Add Record Process or created from an Excel file containing unlimited GroupWise mailbox account information. The GroupWise to MBOX email converter utility is available with a free trial version for evaluation. It supports all GroupWise Server versions such as 6, 6.5, 7, 8 and 12. 


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  1. Varun Thapa / Jul 2 2013 12:23 pm

    New software add in Kernel data recovery and converter list, yes try Kernel for GroupWise to MBOX converter software to convert all over GroupWise mails into MBOX with easy and power full method. The software supports all GroupWise Server versions such as 6, 6.5, 7, 8.

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