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July 31, 2013 / neiljohnson12

How to restore & recover data from Windows server 2012?

Microsoft Windows Server empowers most of the worldwide data centers and enables all size business organizations to deliver a quality service. The latest Windows Server 2012 redefines the server category, delivering hundreds of new features and enhancements spanning visualization, networking, storage, user experience, cloud computing, automation, and many more. In fact, MS Windows Server 2012 helps you transform your IT operations to deliver a new level of business value.

Although, there are different types of data stored on the Windows server storage media but they are very vulnerable to several risks, corruption of Windows partitions including corruption of Windows registry, MBR corruption, sudden system shutdown, malicious virus attacks, software errors, natural disasters, human errors, hardware failure, voltage fluctuation, power failure etc. The most common reasons behind the hard disk failure are as follows:

Physical Failures (Man-made data disaster):

Physical failure of hard disk drive is very common in these days and it happens due to sudden switch off, power failure, hardware malfunctioning. As, data stored on the surface of hard disk in the form of magnetic impulses data are very vulnerable to their surroundings. Any improper handling of hard disk of Windows server 2012 may cause trouble of data loss. In addition, Drive Alignment Drift is another reason of such data loss problems.

Logical Failures (Natural data disaster):

  • If the master boot record gets corrupted due to any possible reason then the system shows error message of MBR error. It results lose of data from Windows server 2012.
  • When the boot sector of hard disk gets damaged due to any cause then it results improper functioning of system and it may leads to data lose.
    Repair Windows
  • Sometimes, users delete important data unintentionally from the hard disk drive.
  • Bad sectors of a Windows hard disk are a portion of the Hard disk that cannot be used anymore and the data stored on those bad sectors may get lost.

Methods to recover and restore Windows server 2012 data:

deduplicationBackup of data is always very useful and it plays a vital role in data disaster situation. Now backup creation is very easy as there are a number of reliable utilities for this. Windows Server 2012 has been equipped with Data Deduplication feature for an NTFS volume. Data Deduplication reduces the used space on the hard disk drive by storing duplicate fragments of the volume’s files only once.


Hard disk drive of Windows server 2012 uses FAT and NTFS file system to store and fetch data on hard disk. Unfortunately, if you have not created any back or your backup file has been corrupted due to any possible reason then you can try a reliable FAT and NTFS data recovery tool :

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  1. Carter Dirk / Aug 23 2013 10:58 am

    If you have not created any back or your backup file has been corrupted in windows due to any possible reason then you can try this Windows data recovery software to restore complete data files from windows FAT and NTFS partition.

  2. Kian Marky / Nov 22 2013 10:40 am

    There are distinct kinds of facts and figures stored on the Windows server storage but they are very susceptible to several dangers. Windows Server 2012 has been equipped with facts and figures Deduplication feature for an NTFS capacity and you desire to restore facts and figures then you can use data recovery tool.

  3. peterscot17 / Feb 5 2015 10:42 am

    Last month I did try your software, really this is quick data recovery software. Software is in budget and is not more tough to use.

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